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Brighter Shores and Everything before Alpha/Beta
·2295 words·11 mins
All your information about Brighter Shores before Alpha/Beta
Mala Zedik - Mobile Game
·511 words·3 mins
Information about the Mala Zedik Mobile Game on Android.
Mala Zedik - Policy
·780 words·4 mins
Information for the Policy relating to Mala Zedik.
New World Mala Zedik
·203 words·1 min
New Artwork for a New World version of Mala Zedik
Full Reference Mala Zedik
·272 words·2 mins
New Artwork for a full reference version of Mala Zedik
Teen Mala Zedik
·184 words·1 min
New Artwork for a Teen version of Mala Zedik
About Mala Zedik
·900 words·5 mins
About who Mala Zedik is and how the name came into being.