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Full Reference Mala Zedik

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Reference Mala Zedik>

Reference Mala Zedik #

My friend Aerpenium did all the artwork for Reference Mala Zedik. They never cease to amaze me with the artwork they can create!

This is as it states, a reference sheet that I had Aerpenium make for Mala Zedik. I wasn’t worried about the detail specifics showing on this sheet (Like height and weight). I mostly wanted it to show off all the common expressions and movements of Mala Zedik. A way to help better bring him to life in a sense.

I do want to explicitly state that I am not interested in any NSFW work for Mala Zedik, so the images of him would never fall into that category. All images are Mala Zedik fall into the SFW category and are intended to show body structure.

Full Referance Mala Zedik by Aerpenium

Naked Outline>

Naked Outline #

Naked Outline Mala Zedik

Naked Colored>

Naked Colored #

Naked Colored Mala Zedik

Basic Clothing Outline>

Basic Clothing Outline #

Basic Clothing Outline Mala Zedik

Basic Clothing Colored>

Basic Clothing Colored #

Basic Clothing Colored Mala Zedik

Partial Clothing Outline>

Partial Clothing Outline #

Partial Clothing Outline Mala Zedik

Partial Clothing Colored>

Partial Clothing Colored #

Partial Clothing Colored Mala Zedik

Full Clothing Outline>

Full Clothing Outline #

Full Clothing Outline Mala Zedik

Full Clothing Colored>

Full Clothing Colored #

Full Clothing Colored Mala Zedik

Forward Facing>

Forward Facing #

Forward Facing Mala Zedik

Quarter Facing>

Quarter Facing #

Quarter Facing Mala Zedik

White Glow / Outline>

White Glow / Outline #

Yes, I am aware of the white glow/outline in the images above. I have better versions of the files somewhere… But in order to save drive space on the website, I’ve taken a few shortcuts. So, to show off the images it will have to be this way. Sorry! I may fix it in the future for the website, but for now, please don’t mind it.