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Mala Zedik - Mobile Game

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Here you will learn about the Mala Zedik Mobile Game released on Android

Early Access>

Early Access #

Currently you can download ‘Mala Zedik’ on the Android Google Play store for free. The Game is in early access and there are no plans for any MTX in the game. There will be in-game advertisements that are optional. By viewing the advertisements, you gain some buffs! However that is not the only method to obtain said buffs which is why it’s optional. The game will stay in Early Access until I feel it is ready for the 1.0 release. While in Early Access, there are limited downloads on the Google Play store, so if you are interested I suggest you download it sooner then later! Some of the graphics and icons in the Early Access will be changed/updated for the 1.0 release. All of the art in use right now is public domain or free in some form or another, however to avoid possible problems I would like to update it all with personal graphics over the course of the development. So, expect some art changes over the development.


Roadmap #

I am planning to feature creep ideas, so not everything can be listed out in a roadmap. However, I can provide you with some ideas and concepts that I have in mind for the game!

  • Random Events
    • Event Animations
    • Event Log for the Random Events (Flavor Text)
  • Offline Gains
    • Earn Experience while not playing the game at a 75% reduced rate.
    • Unable to earn Coin while offline.
  • Tamagotchi Feel
    • I want the game to be fun to watch with some interaction.
    • I don’t want players to feel like they have to press a lot of buttons.
    • I want it similar style to that of a Tamagotchi, but focused more on the RPG/Adventurer elements.
    • Character doesn’t die | You don’t have to start back over.
  • Coin Shop
    • Buy different Skins with Coin (Not MTX)
    • Buy different Themes with Coin (Not MTX)
‘Unofficial’ Roadmap>

‘Unofficial’ Roadmap #

These are ideas that I have for the game, but uncertain if I want to add it to this game or make a new game all together.

  • Multiple Professions
    • Mining
    • Smelting
    • Metal Crafting
    • Harvesting
    • Much More
Bug Finding>

Bug Finding #

If you find a bug and submit a bug report to me on how to reproduce it, I’ll look into giving you credit in assisting the development of the game in the credits section! The caveat to this is it will be first come first served. Meaning if someone else finds it and reports it before you I will only give credit to the person that found it first. However, if you provide more detail that enables me to troubleshoot it, I’ll be more than happy to include your name as it helped me out in the end!

The Technology>

The Technology #

I’m developing the game in Godot and I am using a private/personal repository for the code/scripts created. It’s really nothing special, but I’m sure someone out there is curious about it!