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Teen Mala Zedik

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Teen Mala Zedik>

Teen Mala Zedik #

My friend Aerpenium did all the artwork for Teen Mala Zedik. Thank you sooooo much Aerpenium! I love your work.

Teen Mala Zedik is as it sounds, a younger version of Mala Zedik as he was on the journey toward adulthood.

Teen Mala Zedik by Aerpenium


Rafa #

Rafa is the name of the companion that follows Mala Zedik around. If you recall from the first image of Mala Zedik, there was a small golden object with wings. Well, that’s Rafa!

In this image, Rafa is the staff that Mala Zedik is currently wielding. Why does Rafa look like a staff? Well, that is because Rafa is in an inactive state. When activated, Rafa turns into the flying companion that can be seen in the other Mala Zedik image.


Headband #

In this image of Mala Zedik, he still has his youth headband which is a symbol of youth. It’s used to cover the crystal in their forward until the day they come into adulthood. More information bout this maybe another time… But I did want to point that out!