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New Super Mario Brothers Wii Warpless

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Speedrunning #

Speedrunning is a very common method to seek out and improve video game world records. As such, it is possible for you to create a world record and for someone else to take that title from you the next day. It’s the risk you take when doing this. On the same token, however, it gives you the chance to improve and hone your records even further. This is not something you can do with world-first records!

New Super Mario Brothers Wii Warpless>

New Super Mario Brothers Wii Warpless #

Today, August 1st, 2012, I created a new world record for the New Super Mario Brothers Wii Warpless run. A Warpless run is just that, you race to the end of the game without using any world-warping shortcuts and attempt to beat it as fast as possible.

I completed the Warpless run in 1 hour, 46 minutes, and 22 seconds. The entire run can be found on Youtube.

Verifying World First>

Verifying World First #

There are a few speedrunning communities for the players to join and be rated on. The two most popular ones are Speedrun and SpeedRunsLive. For this particular run, I was part of the SpeedRunsLive community and fellow speed runners observed and supported my many attempts.


Challenges #

The difficult part of the entire run is World 5 Level 4 (5-4) due to the off-screen platforming you need to perform for the best times. Outside of this level, everything else is execution based and getting it done, which is what most speedrunners enjoy. So, it’s just how well you hold out until the end.

Update: 2 Days Later>

Update: 2 Days Later #

As is the world of Speedrunning video games, RaikerZ dethroned my world record with an improved time of 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 17 seconds.